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Health, Safety, Environment Policy
Desert Telecom & Electromechanical L.L.C, is a general maintenance and contracting company as based in Abu Dhabi working with private and government companies where HSE is its first priority to be done prior to any job.
Desert Telecom always ensures that all its staff, labors and technicians are familiar with all regulations and procedures in accordance to high standards. We are always up to date to the new regulations of civil defense, municipality and other clients. Before starting any maintenance, modification, renovation or construction works we make sure that the all our technicians wear their uniforms, safety shoes, safety helmets, cotton gloves and completed all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) precautions.
Desert Telecom shall provide all safety requirements such as warning signs, barricades, safety cones, electrical lights if required to protect the public. A safety work permit is a must before starting any job. We always make sure that the safety permit being signed by the safety and the concerned persons.
Desert Telecom always taking care of all safety needs and below some steps taken before the executing of any job:
1- Protecting all moving parts in their equipments like cleaning cradle and only trained person will operate. Machines and equipments
will be switched off if it is not in use.
2- Waste to be removed from the area to designated area before it overflows.
3- Machinery to be maintained properly.
4- Inspections to be carried out.
5- Use of earplugs.
6- Proper PPE for hand, foot, body & respiratory protection are provided.
7- Chemical containers must be covered if not in use & stored in suitable chemical store.
8- Cleaning of any excess or spilled paints/chemicals immediately. Spill kits to be provided.
9- Paints/chemicals should be kept to minimum quantity at site, & must be stored in tight & proper containers or drums. Provision of
dripping trays where applicable.
10- Cable protectors to be used while crossing pathway (if no other route cannot be found). Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) to
be provided & ensure proper earthing. Operator to use gloves. Maintain follow-up & checks. Before work starts.
11- Cables/leads shall be tied, secured & fixed properly.
12- Welders to wear full face welding mask (welding hood) with dark eye protection. Dark safety glasses for helpers.
13- Periodical inspection for electrical welding equipment. ELCB to be provided and ensure proper earthing & testing to be conducted.
Electrode holders are to be properly insulated & have no bare parts except electrode itself. Welding cables are to be connected
14- All scaffolding/platforms material to be of sound materials. Provision of edges protection & life- line. Training & toolbox talk to be
conducted. Only trained scaffolders/specialists to be used on the job. Use appropriate PPE. Only certified body harnesses to be
used. Use of appropriate tools.
15- Suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn, e.g. mask, goggle, gloves, long sleeve coverall, safety shoes. MSDS
(Material Safety Data Sheet) should be obtained and read carefully. Arranging of tool box talk before work begins.
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